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TREKK (TRanslating Emergency Knowledge for Kids) is a growing network of researchers, clinicians, national organizations and health consumers working to improve emergency care for children across Canada.


Up to 85% of children in Canada who need emergency care are managed in a general emergency department (ED). TREKK has partnered 37 general EDs across Canada – rural, remote and urban – with their local children’s hospital or academic institution to increase opportunities to share knowledge, expertise and resources about best practices in the care of children for the most common emergency needs.

TREKK’s work will help speed the sharing of the latest knowledge in children’s emergency care in every general ED and move us closer to our long-term vision: that every child receives the highest standard of care.

 This work includes the creation of an online library of resources ( that focus on the knowledge needs and preferences (identified in a nationwide Needs Assessment) of health care professionals working in general emergency departments and the families that seek care there. These resources include short “Bottom Line Recommendations” that provide faster and easier access to current knowledge on childhood conditions.



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